Providing Economic Value

Large, diversified U.S. financial institutions make unique and vital contributions to the American economy. We support economic growth by lending to consumers, businesses, and other financial institutions, and foster deep and liquid capital markets that allow the U.S. government and private institutions to finance public spending and investment.

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Supporting Communities

Large, diversified financial institutions make significant contributions to support local communities through charitable giving, volunteerism, partnerships with local and national nonprofits, and economic programs that revitalize neighborhoods and expand opportunities for people across the United States.

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Serving as a Strong Foundation for Our Financial Sector

Large, diversified financial institutions are strong, resilient, and resolvable.

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About Us

The Financial Services Forum is an economic policy and advocacy organization whose members are the chief executive officers of the eight largest and most diversified banking organizations headquartered in the United States.  Forum member institutions are a primary source of lending and investment in the United States and serve millions of consumers, businesses, investors, and communities throughout the country. The Forum pursues policies that support savings and investment, deep and liquid capital markets, a competitive global marketplace, and a sound financial system.