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Did you hear? The Forum has launched a blog! BankNotes is where our team analyzes the latest proposals, ideas & news about our member institutions, the U.S. #financial sector & the #economy. Be sure to sign up to receive updates at

Forum BankNotes Blog

Serving as the official blog of the Financial Services Forum, BankNotes is where our team analyzes and discusses the latest proposals, ideas, and news...

How resilient are the 8 largest #banks in America?

The Tier 1 capital held by Forum members far exceeds the hypothetical losses measured in the @FederalReserve’s stress test exercise. Learn more:

“Some critics of buybacks miss this point: Money returned to shareholders through buybacks and dividends does not disappear from the #economy. Individual investors can use it to purchase something they’ve been saving for.”

Opinion | Restricting Stock Buybacks Will Hurt the Economy

Let companies decide for themselves the best way to use their profits.