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The Value and Strength of America’s Largest Financial Institutions

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Our banking institutions support economic growth and a number of steps have led to a more resilient financial sector. Learn more in our research slide deck.
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Rethinking Liquidity Regulation

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In this research note, the Forum’s Senior Economist, Samim Ghamami, discusses the role of liquidity regulation and some subtleties associated with its design.
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Collateral Impact

In a research note, the Forum’s Senior Economist, Samim Ghamami, discusses potential unintended consequences of collateral requirements in over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets.
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Big Banks and Small Businesses

Sources: FFIEC Community Reinvestment Act, available at, U.S. Census Bureau County Population Totals, available at
Small businesses contribute to the dynamism and growth of the U.S. economy. Our new research shows how Forum members provide a significant amount of credit to small businesses across America.
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Forum Member Resiliency and the Stress Tests

Forum members are well-positioned to continue to lend and to meet their financial obligations, even after sustaining losses associated with the severely adverse scenario imposed by the stress tests.
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Bank Stress Test Severity: Perception vs. Reality

In research note, the Forum’s head of policy research discusses one aspect of the Federal Reserve’s stress test scenario design framework that warrants review.
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Profitability, the Economy, and Regulation

Profits at most industries are up; the goal of regulation is to ensure safety and soundness. Learn more in our briefing slide deck.
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Market Liquidity and Regulation

A steady stream of research is finding that regulation is having real, measurable effects on market liquidity.  While there is evidence on both sides, research is pointing to diminished liquidity.
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Study: Understanding the Economics of Large Banks

In a research report, The Clearing House Association examines the role of large banks in the economy and considers the benefits that would be lost in their absence.
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Large Banks Funding Advantage

The GAO’s analysis suggests that large bank holding companies had lower funding costs than smaller ones during the financial crisis. Most models suggest such advantages may have declined or reversed.
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Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness Report: International Financial Markets: A Diverse System is the Key to Commerce

The report offers an overview of how a diverse global financial system works to spur economic growth and job creation.
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Federal Financial Analytics: The Regulatory Price-Tag: Cost Implications of Post-Crisis Regulatory Reform

A qualitative study based on public data by Federal Financial Analytics found that costs borne by the six largest U.S. banking organizations since the financial crisis totaled at least $70.2 billion.
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