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New Small Business Loans

$57 Billion

Home Mortgage Originations

$254 Billion

Municipal Bond Issuance

$179 Billion

Total Deposits

$5.1 Trillion

State Street

State Street Helps to Prepare Boston-Area Students for the Workforce

In Boston, State Street leads a $20 million initiative to help prepare students for the workforce. The Workforce Initiative Network (WINs) works with five non-profit partners to enhance access to careers for Boston’s youth to foster stable employment and economic mobility. A central goal of the program includes increasing college enrollment rates for Boston public high school students.

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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs’ Commitment to Newark’s Revitalization

Driving progress in underserved communities is central to the mission of the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group. The team recognized the opportunity for positive impact in Newark and became committed to its revitalization. Since 2010, Goldman Sachs has worked together with public and private parties, committing over $500 million across 15 projects spanning education, job creation and housing opportunities, transforming Newark communities and creating substantial change.

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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s Healthy Cities Initiative

Morgan Stanley’s Healthy Cities initiative partners with public elementary schools to deliver integrated nutrition, health, and play programming to children and their families. In Oakland, the program provided more than 163,500 healthy meals and transformed schools and public libraries into community hubs that integrated and delivered wellness education, health screenings, and safe play spaces.

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Wells Fargo

Well Fargo Supports Sustainable Housing in Baltimore

In 2019, Wells Fargo launched a $6 million NeighborhoodLIFT program in Baltimore, in partnership with NeighborWorks America, to support sustainable housing. Through the Wells Fargo NeighborhoodLIFT program, more than 22,000 homeowners have been created to date, and $475 million has been invested into launching new programs in support of sustainable housing.

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JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Invests in Detroit’s Economy

In 2019, JPMorgan announced its commitment to invest $200 million in Detroit’s economic recovery by the end of 2022. The new data-driven investment builds on the initial progress that helped boost the city’s recovery through the creation of sustainable loan programs for small businesses like the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund and increased access to affordable housing and job training.

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Bank of America

Bank of America Invests in Equal Access to Housing

Through a $70 million investment partnership, Bank of America is helping to provide equal access to housing in Charlotte for low- to moderate-income families for affordable housing. This project includes $50 million in below-market loans, $11 million invested in the Housing Opportunity Investment Fund, $2.5 million in economic mobility programs, and a donation of $7.25 million of land in Uptown Charlotte. Bank of America’s investment partnership marks the largest private-sector commitment to affordable housing in Charlotte’s history.

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BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon Partnership Strengthens Pipelines to Tech Careers for Students

In 2018 BNY Mellon partnered with the New York City Department of Education and the City University of New York to strengthen pipelines to tech careers for diverse and underserved students. The ‘Futures in Tech’ program connects BNY Mellon employee mentors with aspiring technologists and provides students with academic and college preparation training.

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Citi Finances Sustainable Projects to Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change

Citi provided long-term financing to help Deepwater Wind build the first U.S. offshore wind farm off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island as part of a $100 billion commitment to finance and facilitate sustainable projects to reduce the impacts of climate change over ten years starting in 2014. Now fully operational, the Block Island Wind Farm produces enough clean energy to lower energy bills for residents by up to 40%, and reduce carbon emissions by 40,000 tons a year.

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Sourcing: *Data based on the most recently available information. Employment: 2019. New Small Business Loans: 2018. Home Mortgage Originations: 2018. Municipal Bond Underwriting: 2018. Total Deposits 2018.