Fact Sheet: Forum Members: Serving Consumers, Businesses, Investors and Communities

10 Sep 2019

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The eight largest, most diversified financial institutions in the United States critically support our economy; they are strong, resilient, and well-positioned to promote economic growth and opportunity across the country.


Forum institutions serve millions of consumers, businesses (including other financial institutions), and communities.  They hold more than $4 trillion in loans, accounting for 42 percent of total lending by banks to businesses and households. They:

  • provide nearly half of all consumer loans by banks in the United States, supporting lending for a variety of household needs, such as the purchase of a car.
  • hold one-quarter of all loans by banks extended to U.S. small businesses, including more than one-third of business loans by banks that are less than $100,000.
  • account for nearly 40 percent of total commercial and industrial lending by banks, helping businesses grow and contribute to the economy.
  • meet three-quarters of the funding needs of other financial institutions, which supports the borrowing needs of community banks, insurance companies, and mortgage finance companies.

Capital markets:

Forum institutions support deep and liquid capital markets.  They:

  • underwrite nearly three-quarters of all domestic debt and equity transactions, such as IPOs.
  • finance government spending for hospitals, roads, bridges, schools, and other essential community needs.

A construction site.


Forum institutions have substantially improved their capital and liquidity positions, and regulatory and supervisory changes in the past decade have further enhanced their resiliency and resolvability. They:

  • maintain $927 billion of Tier 1 capital, up 43 percent since 2010.
  • hold nearly $2.4 trillion in high-quality liquid assets—more than double the amount held in 2010.
  • have made significant progress to simplify corporate structures to improve resolvability

*Updated December 2019. Data reflects third quarter 2019 values.

The Financial Services Forum is an economic policy and advocacy organization whose members are the eight largest and most diversified financial institutions headquartered in the United States. Learn more about the Financial Services Forum and how our members’ 1 million employees serve our economy and our communities at www.fsforum.com and follow us on Twitter @fsforum.

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